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One of my new favorite passions is taking custom cat photos. I fell in love with doing this while I was taking nature based pictures for the rescues I volunteered for and wildlife rescues I’ve worked for. Now I am NOT going to say I am a professional, NOONE can unless they’ve actually gone to school for photography and gotten a certificate, but I definitely will get some amazing shots of your furr babies. ☺

What IS different about me here at Atreyukatz Cattery is that your bi-weekly kitten development pictures, WILL be coming home with you. They will first be sent via email, (so you can see them when they first come out. Now if your putting the photo’s online meaning FB, INSTA, ETC, then Atreyukatz Cattery’s policy here is that every photo with have my Trademarked name, just so you know. That’s to protect us AND your furbaby.) Then when your furbaby comes home, I will have them printed out for you on 4×6 photos. Those will also have my Trademark name watermarked. The kitten bi-weekly development photos are INCLUDED in your adoption fee. We love making memories here for families to cherish forever and ever.

If you would like more custom photos of your furrbaby, look into the photo backdrop section to pick your backdrop. You can also pick out clothing if you’d like. (don’t worry, most kittens find it fun to dress up! ) ☺ Look into the Hat, Clothing, and Accessory section to find the clothing and some incredible hats that I make from patterns. And for all the pricing on custom photos, look into the Pricing section. ~Melissa Ryan

Book Your Session! Pricing Info…

The bi-weekly regular picture pricing as stated above is free because it’s included in your adoption fee. But if you would like prints of these to come home with your kitten (only the bi-weekly ones) in 4×6 format it will be around 12 pictures for the price of $50 dollars. These pictures WON’T be on any backgrounds. They will come home with your furrbaby.”

Background Custom Picture Pricing:

If you are wanting some awesome beautiful pictures with cool backgrounds, just tell me which back round you would like (Pick from my backdrop page HERE). Each backdrop has a name, so please give me the name after you pick to ensure I use the correct backdrop. I wait until the 3rd month and a few weeks before your baby comes home with you to get the best shots and the biggest kitten for the shoot. LOL!

Pricing for the custom backgrounds goes like this:

7 digital pictures (sent via email) for $60.

Then if you would also like the prints in any size, here are the sizes for 7 pictures for printouts:

4×6: $50

5×7: $60


(any size you don’t see we will have to discuss further)