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So you love the Werewolf Cat and Just Need to Owned By One Now?

Check my FB page and INSTA pages for the newest updates. If I don’t have any kittens available, I’ll be more than happy to either put you on my waitlist for the upcoming litters OR recommend someone else who has kittens (that I work very closely with) available now for you.

Email Me

I would love to hear what color of Lykoi your looking for. We steadily should have Black Roan available soon. We may even have some EXTREMELY RARE colored Lykoi available for you right now. Message me through email, FB messenger, or Instagram to find out what I have.


If perhaps you definitely NEED to speak to me over the phone, then please just email me first as to what you may want to talk about and we can maybe work on a phone conversation next.


Melissa Ryan

Gasburg, VA USA

Atreyukatz Cattery drawing


If you already know that you are for SURE READY to be OWNED By a Lykoi Kitten or Devon Rex Kitten from Atreyukatz Cattery, then here is the process in a nutshell to get you on your way!

First, you need to get on my waitlist and to do this you need to send a NON REFUNDABLE fee of $100 via PayPal. (PayPal email address: PLEASE REMEMBER to ALWAYS send PayPal deposits the Friends and Family way or you will get charged a $10.00 Dollar Fee. In the note section of the PayPal, please also remember to include your email address. After I receive that waitlist fee, I will then send you one of our Atreyukatz Cattery Lykoi/Devon Rex Adoption Questionaire Forms. Please fill out as soon as you can and send back to my regular email address. ( I will take a day or two to verify and review your answers, and then I will send you an Official email stating to you that you are on the Atreyukatz Cattery waitlist for a kitten of your choice.

After that, you will be just waiting for a Birth Announcement email from me and a Kitten Contract. Once you receive the Birth Announcement email and Contract, at that point the next deposit shall be paid. This deposit is also NON REFUNDABLE and it is Half of the total Kitten Price, and again it’s due at the time you recive your contract and Birth Announcement.

10 days before the Kitten shall go home, the remaining balance of the Kitten Price is due. This is when I also make the flight Arrangements (if shipping is necessary). And WITH that remaining Kitten Balance, the shipping fee is ALSO due at the same

time. We can use Two different shipping companies. United or Delta Cargo. There’s differences in each Company. I like Delta Cargo the best because (even though they recently went up in price) they are still less expensive than United, and haven’t had as bad of issues as United Cargo has had within the past couple years. I even use Delta to ship my own cats so I know they are great. If your not thinking about shipping, please keep this in mind. I DO NOT ALLOW people at my home what so ever. I have newborn kittens here, pregnant mommies, and kittens and they need to stay in a clean, disinfected, and sterile environment. And I will not allow them to get sick because you want to come see and play with kittens. (I send you pictures for that reason) Not to mention that there is WAY too many animal activists out there that would love to get into a breeders home and do some serious damage to cats!

The only other ways I have to get your kitten to you, is either you fly in to the nearest airport to me and I can meet you there or I will drive up to 5 hours north or south on the east coast. KEEP IN MIND, shipping charges still apply if I deliver your kitten anywhere to you. You will find the Black Roan standard Lykoi, and Devon Rex pricing on their own seperate pages. ANY OTHER COLORED Lykoi, will be MORE expensive because they are extremely RARE and Unique. So if your looking for a RARE and Unique colored Lykoi, just email me and I will be happy to tell you the cost.

You will also find what you receive with your Lykoi or Devon Rex kitten on my kitten page on this website, and you will find ALL UPDATES on LITTERS on my FB Page…. Lykoi_VA.

If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to email me, text me, FB message me, or call me anytime.

I hope I answered some questions for everyone right here. Thank you again for inquiring about an Atreyukatz Cattery, LLC Kitten.

Melissa Ryan