What Labs we use and for what purpose…

Attreyukatz Cattery

Atreyukatz Cattery uses Zoologiz Labs in California for the use of PCR Respiratory testing AND PCR Diarrhea testing. At Zoologix I test the cats (if ill) for : Coronavirus, Panleukopenia, Campylobacter, Clostridium, Cryptosporidium, Giardia, Salmonella, Toxoplasma, Tritrichomonas, Bordetella, Chlamydophila, Calicivirus, Herpes virus 1 (aka Rhinotracheitis), Influenza, and lastly Mycoplama. These tests are ONLY done if any cats come to be ill because that is when they will shed whatever illness they have. Sending in PCR tests while cat is perfectly healthy will ONLY result in false negatives (if you really believe your cat is ill with something). We started out testing all our breeding cats here at Lykoi_VA/Atreyukatz Cattery but there’s no point in wasting our money if they won’t shed disease until they are ill.

UC Davis Labs
Atreyukatz Cattery uses UC Davis for some of our genetic testing and color testing to see what colors our DSH’s carry that we cannot see. We sometimes also use UC Davis for these tests: Coat colors and if cats a carrier for them, blood type testing (only when necessary) , Congenital Myasthenic Syndrome (CMS), and PKD1 (Polycystic Kidney Disease) testing (only when necessary).

Optimal Selection
Atreyukatz Cattery uses Optimal Selection for our Feline Breeding FULL PANEL Analysis. The FULL PANEL Analysis consists of: Disorders known to the breed, the genetic diversity associated with said cat tested, blood type of cat tested, traits of cat tested, coat color and what cat tested may be carrying, coat type of the cat and if cat tested is carrying a long haired gene, and lastly if there is any illness genetically in the future we may need to be aware of. And EVERY breeding cat in my facility gets one of these full panel tests BEFORE breeding starts.. We want to make sure there is NO illnesses from the past that can creep up on us in the future. (We only breed the HEALTHIEST possible cats that we can here at Atreyukatz Cattery)

Veterinary testing
All my breeding Kings and Queens also get all 3 Merial Modified Live Vaccinations, and a Purevax Rabies shot. The testing I do with my Vet himself is: Fecal Sensitivity Floats and FELV/FIV (upon request of owner and separate monies from price of kitten/cat and, or balance of kitten/cat.) Just send me an email and tell me you want your specific kitten/cat tested. The test is $50 dollars. (We really don’t see the need for automatic FELV/FIV testing every kitten/cat because all of our breeding cats (parents of your kittens) get tested by me, therefore their kittens will always be negative. I have a FELV/FIV free breeding facility.

Labs we use for F1 (Coated Lykoi ) and Devon Rex testing…

ZOOLOGIX- Just like all of out Full Lykoi and Devon Rex Cats, F1 Lykoi also get both The Respiratory Panel AND Diarrhea Panel initially when they first arrive here done through Zoologix Labs in California. When starting outcrossing with F1’s we want to make sure we start a new bloodline from Cats with ZERO Diseases! Atreyukatz Cattery is a ZERO TOLERANCE DISEASE Cattery, and we don’t breed any cats with any Pathogens(diseases) AT ALL!

UC DAVIS LABS- Our F1 Lykoi and Devon Rex Cats get the same initial testing done as our Breeding Cats. We use UC Davis Labs in California for AB Blood Type testing, Coat Colors/ Color Carrier testing, Congenital Myasthenic Syndrome (CMS) for Devon Rex Cats, and PKD1 (Polycystic Kidney Disease) for all cats.

Since we are a newer breed and still in the developmental stages, we have not yet cornered the Genetic Mutation Exactly for this Lykoi breed. Genetic testing on this specific Lykoi breed is being spear headed by one person in particularly and her amazing team. Her name is Dr. Lyons at the Lyons Den Lab at the University of Missouri-College of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Lyon’s and team is sequencing the gene for our Lykoi cats and has been there from the first initial find of this amazing breed. It’s taken years but she is almost done sequencing the gene. Apparently all we know right now is that there’s 5 different mutations of Lykoi cats out there. WHAT A FIND! And what an amazing journey she has been on to help us with this breed. Lykoi cats truly are “One of a kind” and hopefully sooner than later we will know the exact numbers on how many different mutations and soon be able to test our amazing F1 cats and Natural Mutations for the Lykoi Gene.

Dr. Lyon’s and her team in her lab only work off of Donations from cat owners, breeders, and anyone that’s willing to help. The more money they have the faster this gene for Lykoi gets sequenced. This is just amazing news and we are glad it’s almost come to an end and the information will soon be available to all of our breeders.

So, in turn, if when we here at Lykoi_VA/Atreyukatz Cattery ever need any DNA or Lykoi gene testing for our F1’s, Dr. Lyons is the one we go to. She’s been there from the beginning and knows our breed’s genetics the best. F1 Lykoi cats don’t technically NEED to be tested, but I personally don’t like having to guestimate on my litters. OR have unnecessary babies out there without homes. It’s the responsible way to be as a breeder and at Atreyukatz Cattery…We are responsible Breeders and practice Excellent Ethics!

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