Early Spay & Neuter

By Melissa Ryan

Now, a lot of people have many various opinions on this subject. I also included. But that’s all they are, is just our OPINIONS. Opinions are like mouths, everyone has them! ☺ ☺

Facts are what matters here, ESP in the breeding and Veterinary world. And the fact of the matter is that Early Spay and Neuter has not only been shown to be better for the health of the cat, but it has shown to be better for the behavioral aspect of the cat as well. Cats are much calmer, more social, and less territorial when they are fixed. Not to mention you don’t get the calling of the intact males and females, and you also don’t get the spraying that the intact males and females tend to do. Also females can end up getting a infection in their uterus or other areas of their reproductive system if you keep them intact and don’t breed them. Males can also have future issues of Prostate Cancer or Testicular tumors. Overall Early Spay and Neutering is beneficial for both male and female cats, and of course the humans that care for them and their wallets. ☺ ☺

Early Spay and Neutering also prevents mating accidents that often tend to happen. In the long run these “accidents” lead to pregnancy and eventually baby kittens with no homes to go to which in turn leads directly into the overpopulation in shelters and rescues. (And we all know what happens when rescues and shelters become overcrowded). It also prevents male on male aggression in cats that are still intact. Male cats tend to love to fight for their territory. Early Spay and Neutering are ample to prevent any of these things from happening.

Atreyukatz Cattery DOES believe in Early Spay and Neuter. And by Early, I mean our kittens will be spayed and neutered no earlier or later than 12 weeks old. (depending on their weight of course) I will be spaying and neutering them thru my Licensed Veterinarian as soon as they are over 2.5lbs. I just don’t like going any smaller than that for myself and my cattery. Most breeders do this and they do it for a few reasons. We want to protect the health of every kitten to the fullest extent possible. We also want to insure that we give new pet parents the most healthy, social, loving, and playful kitties to the best of our ability. We also want to protect the investment we have put into in our gorgeous lines of kitties that we have. It takes a very long time when your outcrossing and creating a special line of cats for your cattery. So of course we wouldn’t want anyone ruining that.

If you would like to research Early Spay and Neuter and the benefits of this process, tons of information and articles can be found online. Just remember if you are going to be looking at articles and so called research, make sure it has been properly and thoroughly put out from a reliable person or source. Remember everyone has opinions, but facts are what really matter in the world of Veterianary medicine.