“So you want to be owned by the amazing werewolf cat huh?

Well here is how to get you started on your journey!”

Where’s Atreyukatz Cattery Located?

How do I get a Lykoi if I don’t live near you?

Is there other options besides flying a wolfie kitty cat?

What is a waitlist?

How much for the non-standard (other colors besides Black Roan) color Lykoi?

All these questions and MORE will be answered below!”

Now Specializing In Devon Rex Cats as well…

Lykoi and Devon RexKittens…



With your new kitty/cat you will receive a few things…

1. A little basket of special Lykoi, Sphynx, and Devon Rex shampoos for your new furrbaby made by a wonderful woman named JC who only uses the best organic soaps in these amazing shampoos! I love them and will ONLY bathe my cats in these soaps as well. You will also receive a card with her Etsy business page to get more for yourself in the future if you’d like.

2. A custom blanket that has Mom and littermates scents on it (for comfort) that can be washed in a washing machine incase anything should get on it during shipping.

3. Registration papers for your new baby with both of the major cats associations in the United States. (CFA and TICA) That way you can choose which association (or both) that you may “show” your kitty/cat in. *There is good differences in both Associations.*

4. A packet that I myself personally put together of a few things that I know this breed likes, and some other things that you may need in the future for your kitty/cat.

5. ALL the kitty/cat’s FULL Health Records with every single thing that the baby has had done since baby was born.

6. You will receive a contract that Atreyukatz Cattery has put together with a Lawyer. 7. In that contract will also be a 72 hour Health Guarantee and a 3-year Genetic Guarantee as well.

cat scratch post


We used to use Tidy Cats 35lb yellow tubs with the red top litter for our litter boxes. It really is an incredible litter. We now use wood pellets because they are lightweight, incredible for killing odor, dust-free, pellets are very inexpensive yet efficient, kittens don’t eat them, and all around they are better for cleanliness purposes. I put just a thin layer at base of litter boxes and they are so easy to just slide out into the garbage daily, then wipe down litter box very quickly with a antibacterial baby wipe, and your done. Fast, clean, not expensive at all (Tractor Supply), efficient, they smell like pine(even after used), and all around healthier on the cats lungs versus dust litter. The litter boxes I tend to like the best are the Arm and Hammer ribbed back cover litter box in Large or Extra Large. I also have Extra Large Pans that are just the pan itself and no backing. Those seem to be easier on pregnant queens but the ribbed back covered ones are great for adult boys AND excellent for the kittens.

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People tend to think that they need to keep their house very hot for Lykoi’s. LOL, NOT true. Lykoi’s can vary in degrees from 60’F to 80’F. I keep my home constantly at 74’F, even in the summer. If your Lykoi is cold, believe me they will search and find an ample heat source in your home. They really love things such as Cable boxes, Xboxes, Computer Modems, ETC.. And I’m sure if your like us here at Lykoi_VA, you have lots of blankets at home for them to curl up under. In the warmer months of the year, Lykoi love the heat so much, you will most likely find them next to a window soaking up the sun. But don’t get worried if they get red or darker in time. Lykoi’s have the amazing ability to tan their skin without harm! Their skin reacts to both the light AND heat! Then a couple weeks out of the sun, they go right back to their normal color tone of pink. This breed is truly incredible. They even have a cool freckling effect when in the sun or tanned already. Like us humans though, too much sun is not good. If you see your Lykoi keep getting darker and darker, now is probably the time to give them a good sun break. LOL.. This is definitely not a health related issue so please don’t get worried. It’s just another awesome feature these kitties have. ☺

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YES! Here at Lykoi_VA, we do ship USA ONLY. We use Delta Cargo mainly. Delta Cargo ships to smaller airports as well as bigger International airports. We also can use United Airlines, however United Airlines just went up in price. We also have a courier option here at Lykoi_VA with a very trusted, professional woman. ALL shipping costs are $400 to $500 and NOT included in your adoption fee. United Airlines just went up in price by almost double in January 2018. Also as of October 2018, Delta Carge has now gone up in price as well, just not as much as United has. Ive also started to do delivery myself. Your kitten/cat will be hand delivered by me, via car. I’m willing to travel as far as 5 hrs one way up or down the East Coast. I cannot travel longer than that due to a health issue.. You can also choose to meet me halfway. However the hand delivery system works best for you is fine. The price is still the same no matter which way you chose to get your new kitten/cat. $400 to $500, no exceptions and NOT negotiable. (Some workable exceptions do apply) I can’t have people in my home for a few reasons. Pregnant mommies, kittens, and newborns need to be in a clean and sterile environment at all times.



Our adoption fee varies because it does depend on what color Lykoi you would want. All Atreyukatz Cattery’s Lykoi will come registered with both associations. However NOT every kitten is born with perfect show features. Please keep that noted to yourself. Atreyukatz Cattery does NOT claim that every kitten will be a perfect show kitty and we are NOT responsible if your cat does not win any awards. However, our Black Roan kitties are $2400 for a pet(spayed/neutered). Lykoi Cats are still EXTREMELY rare cats and in the US alone there is only about 500 to 600 Lykoi out there as of September 2018. Now that’s a RARE breed! LOL! If your looking for the Very Rare and Very Beautiful colored Lykoi’s then email me to specify which color you would like to have. Those prices vary and they are more expensive then the typical Black Roan kitties due to the fact that they are extremely RARE. But please note that if waiting for a specific colored Lykoi, the wait may be just a tad longer than the average black roan and this is due to Atreyukatz Cattery NOT breeding a female just for one pet owner wanting a colored one. We wait until there are 3 or 4 people on the wait list for the colored Lykoi kitties. So, hurry up and get on our amazing waiting list for your very own Werewolf Cat. Waiting list is $100 to be on and that price is NON-Refundable. The First Deposit is also NON-Refundable as well…

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I have gone thru lots of different foods to finally find the best that works for every single one of my babies. I start out feeding the baby kittens (after weaned from mom) on Royal Canin mother and baby cat dry food with a little bit of the 4Health Brand 3oz cans of wet food for breakfast and dinner. (you can find this amazing brand made by farmers and its fully grain, wheat, soy, and corn-free, at Tractor Supply stores or Tractor I even leave RC mother and baby dry food out for my pregnant mommies to free feed because the ingredients are great for growing babies. Once the babies hit 4 months old, I start them on Royal Canin kitten dry food 1/3 cup MIXED WITH a 3oz 4Health grain, wheat, soy, and corn-free food for breakfast and dinner. Then at 8 months I feed them what everyone else eats. 1/3 cup 4Health (all life stages) Dry food with a 3oz can of wet food mixed in for breakfast and dinner. I don’t believe in free feeding dry food to cats at all. It promotes obesity in cats and I have experienced that before. It’s EXTREMELY hard to get a cat to lose weight once the cat’s overweight. Lykoi kittens/cats are very high energy and although people tend to free feed them, I don’t, I give a light protein snack during the day for them. Lykoi’s just love the Vital Essentials brand of freeze dried Minnows from Chewy offers a variety of awesome freeze dried treats. My babies love the Minnows and the Chicken freeze dried, and it’s a great treat all around packed with protein and vitamins! ☺ ☺

Want To Learn More?

Lykoi Cats

By Brittney Gobble

28 pages, published 6/13/2015

Here's your chance to learn everything you wanted to know about the Lykoi, "werewolf cats"...and more! This magazine was created by the Founders of the Lykoi Cats, Johnny & Brittney Gobble specifically to help TICA judges to know even more about the breed from birth to adulthood. It's packed with information and gorgeous photos of this unique & wonderful new breed of cats.
Attreyukatz Cattery

Other Colors

These are all the different variations of the Lykoi in colors. Im also working on some more colors at this time. Reminder: If you would like a colored Lykoi be sure to message me and don’t forget they are very RARE. Meaning they will be more expensive than the show standard Black Roan Lykoi. Please also keep that in mind, the waitlist on the colored Lykoi tend to be a tad bit longer because Im not willing to breed my females just for one request of a colored Lykoi. Keep checking this website and above all my FB and INSTA pages for the newest updates on litters. I may have colored ones already waiting to be sold. Thank you. The colors I will be having go as follows: Black Roan , Blue Roan, Black Tuxedo, Blue Tuxedo, Tortie, Torbie (tabby and tortie together), Red, Brown Spotted Tabby, Seal Point, White, and White “Odd Eye” in the next 6 months.”

Seal Point

Seal Point
Bred by: Brittney Gobble


Shikoba ~ White Lykoi
Bred by: Desiree Bobby
Owner: Melissa Ryan


Athea ~ Black Roan


Cael ~ Black Tuxedo


Jedi ~ Tortie
Natural Mutation


Kai ~ Brown Spotted Tabby


Aslan ~ Red Roan


“Unus Inter Myriades”- Tortie
Bred by: Melissa Ryan
Owner: Melissa Ryan


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