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Rescuer of wildlife, Exotics, and domestic animals. Now a proud and loving breeder of the *Second Chance Breed of Cats*….The Lykoi. Every home deserves to have a unique, loving, social, and loyal Lykoi in it. I fell in absolute love with my Lykoi the moment she was placed into my arms.”

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The Amazing Werewolf Cat

“Raccoon? Possum? Rat? Half Wolf Hybrid? All these crazy things don’t even compare to a Lykoi Cat AT ALL, although they are cool too! This unique breed of cat called “Lykoi” is truly one of a kind. They are exceptional hunters, they are cling-on love machines, they are fetch players, they are amazingly loyal, they are super lovable, and they will be beyond your wildest dreams of what you’ve ever thought before! Lykoi’s are truly a gift to any home, a treasure to be cherished, and an incredibly healthy cat that you’ll fall head over heels in love with the second you hold one. That I can promise you.” MR

Lykoi Cat
Lykoi Cat
Lykoi Cat


Are they good for people with allergies? Do Lykoi like other animals? What does their hair feel like?



Yes, the Lykoi have an unusual appearance, but that doesn’t mean they are ill! Learn more about the testing done and how the gene works….



Are we a recognized breed?
Can Lykoi be shown?
Learn more about our advancement in TICA and our future plans for the breed!

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Beeblebrox Lil Mang (Black Roan)

Lykoi Cat

Gobsgobblins Takaani Of Atreyukatz ( Black Roan pet*)

Lykoi Cat

M S Kai Wulf Of Atreyukatz (Brown Spotted Tabby pet*)

Lykoi Cat
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