"The love of my life"...

 Fenris is charming, extremely intelligent, dedicated, fearless, agile, strong, silly, sneaky handsome, and the love of my life. To think this all started with a photo of a milk faced baby Lykoi and the announcement I that I was chosen to be his mommy, is still unbelievable at times.

 The minute I met Fenris, it was obvious he was special. By special I mean he was more advanced then my Sphynx were at that age. I would hide his favorite toy and he would hunt it down in no time. Here is a great example: My kids had a game on the iPad made just for cats where is counts every time they tap the mouse on the screen with their paw. Our Sphynx average about 20 taps each game and Fenris got 150 in his first sitting!

 Fenris is definitely a mommy's boy. I would say out right dedicated to me and I love that quality. He calls for me when I'm not around, grooms me, follows me everywhere and will jump by my side if he senses something strange. This boy even exercises with me! Yes, that's right- if I'm doing leg lifts, my wolf is there jumping over the leg that is lifting.

 How does Fenris get along with my two Sphynx or even my Chihuahua? Fenris oddly enough rules the roost and no one seems to mind. It was interesting to watch this all happen over the course of a few months. Fenris would observe what the other pets were doing and then just jump right in (no hesitation or fear whatsoever). Eventually he was eating first, getting groomed by the others and leading the pack as they played chase through my house (which sounds like a herd of elephants)/ Looking back, it was as if Fenris carried himself with so much confidence that the others respected that I guess.

 My boy Fenris can also be a tad sneaky. It's not surprising to see doors opened and things moved around to his taste. I don't mind, but I do laugh when others in the house can't find their socks or watches. There is never a dull moment when Fenris is around!

 Did I mention how handsome he was? I know Fenris is not the breed standard color, but I find his black and white tux coloring stunning. The black parts really show of the roan pattern and his white hair provides great contrast. I pretty much melt over his looks daily.

 Life with Fenris is so much fun and I am very lucky to be owned by this wolf!

Kelly S.

"NEVER a dull moment"...

What can I say about life with our Wilbur Wilfred Wolfie!  "  FUN!, FUN, FUN!!! NEVER a dull moment."

The day that Wilbur arrived,  the dynamics of our family changed. It was always fun, but now, there is never a dull moment ! Wilbur came into the house as if he had lived here all his life. He immediately made friends with all my other cats, ( 4 Sphynx, 3 Furries) and they accepted him without any problems ! ( I think it was because he was not intimidating to them and was very friendly.)  Wilbur is the friendliest cat I have, he is always playing, whether it be with another cat, toy or a human.His favorite game is FETCH the toy spring. He actually brings the spring to me when he wants to play!  He loves human companionship! Wilbur is always following me around the house and sitting on my lap. ( There is never any "alone or private" time for me. LOL!)  Wilbur is like a little VELCRO kitty! He loves company.  If he sees the other cats doing something, he has to join in...even when they are resting in their beds, he has to go rest with them. He is so nosey! LOL! Wilbur is a joy to our family.  At the moment, Wilbur is molting, which is very odd to see. From his head to his shoulders he is balding and from his shoulders down, he is furry. VERY UNIQUE!  Wilbur LOVES to eat, he has the loudest voice in the house. When he is hungry, EVERYONE knows it!!!  One thing I had to get use to is his loud Purr! When he is happy , everyone knows that too!! Wilbur is a Happy Happy boy!  Attached are some photos of Wilbur molting. I recommend a WOLFIE for everyone!!!!!

Barb A.

"I have never seen anything like it"...

I think I have a fairly unique situation in our lykoi loving home.  I am very fortunate to be owned by three different types of lykoi.  I have an outcross, a cattery bred Lykoi, and a naturally occurring from the wild (feral cat population) Lykoi.  The personality differences lie between the naturally occurring and the two born in captivity, however, the gap on those differences is closing quickly with each passing day.  Katniss Everdeen my outcross is a gorgeous blue, her coat shines and is very striking and her eyes are liquid fire.  She as well as the boys are all incredibly intelligent.  If she wants your attention she will come and stand on her hind legs with her front paws up on your thigh. When you pick her up ( at the armpit ) she stretches her entire body out and goes completely limp so you will hold her like a baby.  Cinna, my bred in captivity blue male, well stubborn doesn't begin to cover him.  Let's just say whatever he wants, he finds a way to get.  Alcide, he is my naturally occurring in the wild boy.  He is a gorgeous white pointed hunk of a man cat with deep sea blue eyes. He was a "barn cat" I feel very sure that he was meant to be here with us.  If he wants your head petting, and he always does, he will follow you, run just ahead of you and stop!  Of course you have to pet him and it is NEVER enough.  They are all very different personalities yet so very much alike.  I have never seen anything like it!  To say that they are vocal is the understatement of a lifetime.  They purr louder and chatter and meow more than I have heard on any of my other cats in my life.  I can never say enough about my lykoi babies and how incredibly lucky I am to be owned by three of them!

Heather P.

"A bit too intelligent at times"...

We have had our two little Wolfies since November 2013, they were both born on August 16, same Dad, different Moms.  We fell in love with them on our drive home to Michigan.  After their solitary confinement they quickly became friends with our two Sphynx.  Both of them are lap kitties and extremely affectionate.  Baxter loves to play catch, he literally catches things you toss at him.  He is a bit too intelligent at times, he figures things out that we would rather he didn't know!  Lexi has the sweetest little face ever, she is such a sweet girl, but a bit of a troublemaker at times.  Then she looks at you with that innocent face, and all is forgiven!!  We just love them so much, they have been wonderful additions to our family!!"

Kay A.