​What is the adoption fee? Do we ship? How does the waitlist work? Read below to find those answers!

When we started this breed several years ago, we wanted to make sure that when we offered kittens to the public, they would be healthy and well adjusted family members. For the last few years, most of the Lykoi had to be kept our placed with other breeders to help expand the gene pool so the breed could grow and flourish. Well the day has finally come that I can say we now will have kittens regularly available to pet homes! Yes, there will be babies available! We have babies being born, and ladies breeding right now!

No one has a big enough program to have available kittens constantly, but this does mean families will have a reasonable wait of a few months rather than a couple of years. Most of our breeders will also be starting to do Lykoi to Lykoi breedings next year and will be able to provide kittens to pet homes as well :)

To learn more about personality, please check our FAQ​ page!



Adoption fees include-
TICA registration paper, Spay/Neuter, Microchip, vaccinations, and Health Guarantee/Contract. All kittens are altered prior to exceptions! When our babies go home they are ready to play, play, play!



I have tried several different brands and at this time we are feeding Royal Canin kitten food. I have also found that my kittens do really well on Iams kitten food (in the purple bag). We do provide a small bag of food when a kitten goes home so that you can mix it with the food your are going to use (making the transition easier....although my kitten are like little piglets and will eat anything!). Usually we start feeding an adult diet at 8 months. For adults I love the "4Health Grain Free" cat food. But have also found Royal Canin or higher quality Purina diets to work.

​Kinda a bit of both! We feed our kittens morning and evening. But we like them to have access to food pretty much all day (Lykoi kittens are high energy!). We watch how much food is consumed, and then we feed enough so that the bowl only has a few crumbs in it when it is time for the evening feeding. Lykoi kittens will start slowing down a bit between 9 months and a year old, so at that time you may need to become stricter on how much you feed to prevent your kitty from becoming over weight.


No, Lykoi have skin like humans so if you are comfortable in your home, then your kitty will be too. On the other hand, cats are definitely heat seekers. So even though they are not "cold", they are going to look for warm bodies, cozy blankets and warm windows. And they love all sort of beds! They also enjoy heated beds. 
Lykoi do need to be kept inside! They are quite sturdy and we have brought in several Lykoi from feral colonies that were found in very cold areas and they were doing just fine. We do not however allow our cats to be outside in either the sun or cold for extended periods. Short outdoor adventures are fine. And over time they can even buildup a nice tan ;). Lykoi cats have skin that reacts to both heat and light. Within a few hours of warm sunbathing, or even sleeping on an Xbox, they will begin to freckle (or get spots that look like liver spots). The skin will turn completely dark! It actually has a stunning effect. Within a few weeks of less indoor sunbathing (even in UV protected windows) they turn pink again. There have been no health issues found...just an interesting breed quirk!


We are willing to ship! Shipping is $350 anywhere in the USA through Delta airlines. This fee includes the crate, airline fee, and health certificate. We can ship to all major airports and quite a few of the smaller airports as well. This is weather dependent so you may need to be patient while we wait for the best day to fly your baby out!

We have also started offering hand delivery directly to the new family. It does depend on my schedule, and the fee is a$350 (same as shipping). Contact us to discuss it more :)! This is up to a 6 hour drive from 37874. Beyond 6 hours, if I have another kitten going the same direction, the fee will remain $300. If I do not have have another kitten going your direction, then we can discuss what the cost to hand deliver directly to your city would be :).

Otherwise you are welcome to come pick up your new baby!


When you join our list please be sure that the entire family is ready to adopt, and that you are prepared for the adoption fee. Our waiting list is only for families looking to adopt the black partially coated Lykoi. To join the waitlist there is a $100 fee. To get started, simply send us an email​ and we will send you the Adoption Application!

Due to so many people asking to be on the waiting list and are not serious about getting a kitten (or are not ready when we send them the announcement), you will need to purchase a spot on our waiting list for $100.00. The money will be deducted from the total price of the kitten when you purchase one :).


When we announce the kittens are available to you and send the photos, another $350.00 will be required in 48 hours to hold the kitten.  When the kitten is 4 weeks old, an addition $500.00 will be required.  The last $1000.00 will be paid before the kitten goes home.  We send kittens home at 12 weeks old. 

The contract will state that a kitten meeting your specifications will be offered within 5 months, or you will receive a full refund. However, most families will be offered a kitten within about 2 months! But if there is a specific preference on the sex of the kitten, then we may need to have a bit more time in case we don't get the desired sex (sometimes we get a litter with all boys or all girls! LOL). As soon as I have the perfect baby for you, I will send photos and information about your kitten! 


Tidy Cat Multi Cat Scoop-able litter (yellow bucket with red lid)! I LOVE it!! It truly does kill odor. If you plan to use a different litter brand (especially a different type of corn rather then clay), it is best to slowly mix them so that your kitten isn't confused as to where he or she should potty.

I have both flat pan and covered boxes. I highly recommend covered litter boxes because kittens really love to dig and play in their litter. I have heard a lot of good things about top entry boxes and that they really do reduce the mess.

The kittens shown in this slideshow of images are all black standard Lykoi. They are in various stages of "Wolfing Out".
When you join our waiting list, it is for a black standard like shown in these images.


Want To Learn More?

Lykoi Cats

By Brittney Gobble

28 pages, published 6/13/2015

Here's your chance to learn everything you wanted to know about the Lykoi, "werewolf cats"...and more! This magazine was created by the Founders of the Lykoi Cats, Johnny & Brittney Gobble specifically to help TICA judges to know even more about the breed from birth to adulthood. It's packed with information and gorgeous photos of this unique & wonderful new breed of cats.

Other Colors

Although ALL Lykoi breeders are focusing on breeding only black Lykoi with the stunning roan pattern, we do occasionally have a tuxedo or blue kitten pop up in our litters. These kittens are sometimes available for adoption to pet homes as well! You cannot request to be put on the list for these colors. These color patterns are slowly being bred out of the Lykoi breed. Those kittens are either posted here or on our Facebook page so keep an eye out there. The adoption fee is the same regardless of color. Show below are blue, blue tuxedo, and black tuxedo.