Who We Are

We are the Gobble family!

We were married 10 years ago and live on a small farm...with ducks, chickens, quail, and pheasant. We also share our home with a Doberman pup, a gerbil named "Snow White" (he is a boy), and two snakes. We have three beautiful children, Ali Cat (age 8), Brooklynn Bridgette (age 4), and Rykerr (2 years). We are best friends and do everything together!

Johnny Gobble, DVM

Has been breeding different species of plants and animals since he was fifteen. He has studied general genetics, population genetic dynamics, groups genetics and breeding genetics in college. He is a practicing veterinarian in Vonore, TN.

Brittney Gobble

Has had experience in raising puppies, kittens and exotic birds since she was very young. She also bred Sphynx for many years with a focus on health and type with extensive outcrossing. She exhibits her cats at TICA shows, always looking to improve the breed and in 2015 was voted in for her second term as one of the 7 TICA Sphynx Breed Committee members. Her passion is pet photography.

Why Breed?

I totally get why people dislike breeders. And I am truly an animal lover to my very core. When I go take photos at the shelter to help try and get more cats and dogs noticed, my eyes start watering because I want to take them all home. And I do a ridiculous happy dance every time I see a post about one being adopted! The stupid comments online don't hurt my feelings (about our underground mad laboratory, etc), but the ones that make it seem I don't even have a heart....those do sting a bit. Not all breeders are the same. We have actually helped re-home several possible Lykoi (there isn't a gene test yet, so only test mating to a proven Lykoi can 100% tell the cat is a Lykoi) that were not able to be bred (either already altered, or simply didn't stand up to the health criteria we want before considering doing a breeding). We follow up with these to be sure they are okay. We have obtained a couple of Lykoi, and several black domestics from rescues or shelters across the USA. We have always been up front with them and their board members. Usually something is worked out where we are allowed to breed a couple of times, and then the cat is altered. This is with us doing full testing, providing care, not allowing the animal to leave our possession unaltered, and then with us either keeping or adopting the kitty to a family where we continue to follow the health and ensure it is cared for. Several of the DSH were to be euthanized simply because they were available at a time when a bunch of kittens had been dumped in rescue...so it was a second chance for them and now they are living out spoiled lives <3. We have a huge respect for rescue/shelter/foster work...which is one reason we only allowed a few breeders to work with the Lykoi, and why all are under contract to alter their kittens prior to leaving just like we do...we believe purebred animals have their place, but we believe that breeders need to step it up and be more responsible in how they breed rather than focusing on money. Ironically I am not a huge fan of many breeders (of both cats and dogs). We do a lot of work for our local shelter, and to each of the places we have taken Lykoi from (and even some that we have not, but we wanted to help) we have made donations so they can continue their work (TNR, etc). Some of the Lykoi breed's biggest fans are rescue workers because they love seeing a breed that is truly a second chance breed <3. It has been amazing the bond we have created with the individuals that have found and rescued these cats, as well as rescue organizations that have contacted us for help in figuring out what has been dropped at their shelter doorstep. I truly think if reputable breeders and rescue angels can work together we can stop the unwanted pet population through TNR, public education (to stop the "I just want my kids to experience the miracle of birth by watching my cat"), to shutting down the backyard greeders and kitten/puppy mills. This is a subject near and dear to my heart <3. We also do not believe any animal should have to deal with hormones or breeding it's entire life (some breeders will breed a cat for 8 years or more)....even though we do spoil our ladies to ensure that they are fat and happy and that pregnancy doesn't take a toll on their bodies. We also assist moms that have larger litters with bottle feeding to ensure she doesn't work too hard (and that the Babies stay full and content). But even so we don't think it is fair for an animal to be kept intact for years on end. It is a delicate balance to ensure that the Lykoi breed grows and the much needed bloodlines are included to prevent inbreeding, and yet ensuring that we are careful to not add to the unwanted pet population which we try so hard to help with. We will forever be thankful to each of the rescues and owners willing to help make this happen! We remain in contact with many of these people and groups because they are part of the exciting journey <3 <3 <3. We believe breeders are supposed to be guardians of their chosen Breed (this means no cutting corners on health testing and care just to increase their profit...health and temperament above all else or they have no business breeding. Period). Having said that, there are sadly very few good breeders out there and most breed solely for profit :(. On the flip side I hope with continued teamwork that someday shelters will be completely empty! What an incredible day that will be <3..But then where will my children or grandchildren get a dog or cat? I think we need to strive for a balance. More people need to help their shelters every way they can, and a huge effort needs to be made to shut down mills and bybs. Both by rules and by educating the public not to continue to purchase from (support) these greeders so they will finally stop (we hear quite often about people "rescuing" from greeders....but those greeders will just breed another litter. They don't care your reasons for adopting, only so long as they get paid). Each of my pet owners are now extended family. I want them to contact me with concerns, send me updated photos, etc. These are my babies first and I am responsible for them their entire lives (they also go with strict contracts that they most come back to me should the owner be unable to keep them, and not be allowed to roam outside or dropped at a shelter or research facility). I'm sorry for my rambling post. I feel so strongly about both sides of this subject. I hope all animal lovers can find a balance and we can truly change things <3

Our YouTube Channels

We Still Update Both Channels With New Videos! Most are silly videos of us playing or watching the kittens :)