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Johnny Gobble, D.V.M. 

& Brittney Gobble

We are the first breeder of the

Lykoi Cat and we are so

proud to bring this amazing cat breed to the world! 

A Myth Comes To Life!

You have been seeing some random photos of a werewolf kitty? I bet you thought they were an internet joke! Or maybe you thought they were a cat with a skin problem? Let me assure you that these are very healthy cats and they are about to prove just how unique they really are! Once you have looked a Lykoi in the eyes....you are under their spell! There is nothing more entertaining then introducing someone that doesn't even like cats to a Lykoi...and within minutes finding them sitting on the floor completely in love. So where did these cats come from? Perhaps from a long lost legend? We may never know!


Are they good for people with allergies? Do Lykoi like other animals? What does their hair feel like?


Yes, the Lykoi have an unusual appearance, but that doesn't mean they are ill! Learn more about the testing done and how the gene works....


Are we a recognized breed? Can Lykoi be shown?

Learn more about our advancement in TICA and

our future plans for the breed!